We try our best to provide the best service. Get your Answer if you have following questions

The Challenge

Our challenge to provide best, stable and quality service

The Solution

We have slolution for IPTV service for all kind of IPTV devices


FAQ 1: What Streamline Subscription?

Streamline subscription provides you m3u playlist link that is useful for smart tv app or any other IPTV supported app. Streamline also provide you stream username and Stream password that can be usable on our Android app, available on home page and instructions page.

FAQ 2: What is MAG BOX/STB app subscription?

Our service is usable on almost all MAG BOX in the market. This subscription will activate your mac address in our system.

STB App is alternative of MAG BOX that useful in Android device. This subscription activate your mac address in our system.

FAQ 3: What is Enigma/Zgemma subscription ?

This package offer you to watch channels on Enigma/Zgemma devices. We provide the instructions how you can setup the device after geting a subscription of this package.

FAQ 4: I am new and I cannot setup IPTV on my tv. Can you help me?

Our instructions page instructs you steps by steps how to configure it.  Please visit instructions page here. If you stuck anywhere you can contact us and open a ticket.

FAQ 5: Free Trial is expired. How I can keep watching?

If your free trial is expired and you want to continue watching, We suggest you upgrade your free trial subscription to a paid service. Simply log in to the client area, go to service page. You can see an upgrade option to upgrade your free trial.

FAQ 6: How to renew the subscription?

Our system generates the invoice a few days before the end of the subscription. You will be noticed per email as well. You can pay the invoice to renew the subscription by clicking on invoice link or in the client area. If recurring is applicable, our system will apply it to the invoice on the due date and renew your subscription insatntly.

FAQ 7: I susbcribed and paid, but service is not available. What I can do now?

If you place the order properly and pay also successfully, Our system generates the service automatically and send service info to your email. Please check your email or login to the client area to see the service status. If you have still problems, Please open a ticket and say details about the issue.

FAQ 8: What I do when see STB block on screen?

STB blocked appears when your subscription is not activated properly or expired. Please login to the client area and see the service status. If you didn’t add the mac address properly at the order page, Please open a ticket and provide the mac address to activate it properly.

FAQ 8: How to cancel the subscription?

If you want to cancel any active subscription, You can do it anytime. To cancel a subscription, you need to login to your client area, go to the service details. You can see an option for cancellation. Click on here to start the cancellation process. Our system start the process and the service will not be invoiced anymore.

FAQ 9: I use smart iptv app. Channels are suddenly not loading. What I can do now?

This is very common question about smart iptv app. Go to the setting and click 0 button to reload. Another best solution is that please unplug the tv from electricity and plug again. If the subscription is active and channels added properly, it should work again.

FAQ 10: I am from UK location. My channel list is not showing or not playing. What need to do to fix such network issue ?

If you are from UK location, you need to disable firewall and shield protection from your internet setting. Log in to your internet provider’s account(Virgin Media) or router account(Sky Internet) and find the firewall, shield protection options. Disable all kinds of protection. Restart your modem/router. It should work. If you have still problem, open a ticket and ask for an alternative solution.

FAQ 11: Afer updating the Smart TV, I can't find the Smart IPTV App in the TV App Store. What I can do now?

If you don’t see the Smart IPTV. App in the TV App store anymore, you can install it again using USB-stick. Please follow the instructions here